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Sunday, February 16, 2014

7 Golden Rules for Executive Job Search

An article written by Josh Waldeman at Careerealism which contains a few nuggets of good advice.
Would you agree with all seven key pieces of advice?

Some may wonder why an executive resume should be a little different from the others. Well,  executive positions are just a few and the applicants are many. That is why the executive resume writing should be done in a way to win that dreamed position. How can you do that?

An effective way to ensure that is by checking your resume, which is your key for an interview, and make sure that it is not missing important things as the seven must-haves that we will share with you. They are the following:

Job Titles
ROI Leadership
Achievements using Challenge, Action, and Result.
A selling profile
Strategic keywords
Must-Haves Of An Executive Resume In 2014
Why are these seven must-haves so important? To find out the answer, let us consider one by one.

1. Metrics

Numbers have proven to be an effective way to impress. You might say that you have been  a good leader, or you could say that you have improved the production to a specific number. Which one do you think will work the most? For sure, the metrics you share will do the talking.

2. Recommendations

Being praised by other people is always a good way to get a job. In a company they want to hire the best person available, and they do not want to take surprises after you have signed the contract. Good recommendations will help them to trust in you.

3. Job Titles

Make sure to add some nice titles of your past positions. This will reassure them that you are a leader.

4. ROI Leadership

Show them what you are made of. This part of the resume will help them realize what a good leader you are. If you have increased the numbers of a company, that will be very impressive to them.

5. Achievements using Challenge, Action, and Result

Demonstrate your your achievements. Show them what you have accomplished and how valuable  you can be for a company.

6. A Selling Profile

Your profile should be able to catch your reader’s attention. The profile should be the perfect bait to drag them to the rest of your resume.

7. Strategic keywords

Make sure you add keywords for certain skills or fields. This will make it easier for you to get selected among a pile of resumes.

Focus on these must-haves at the time of writing your resume. An executive resume writing is not something you can take lightly. It takes a lot of effort to put the right words in a resume for an executive position. Many people have the right skills, and are perfect for the job, but because they were not able to create a good resume they end up being left out by recruiters in the selection process.

Get the right executive resume help that you need. Being a leader does not mean doing all things by yourself. It means being in charge of reaching goals and hitting targets with the help of others.

Be determined to get the job you want, and become an executive with the help of a great executive resume!

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